Interview Part 1 With “Biggest Dick on Earth”

Justin Master (no S) is a jack-off star on Flirt4Free. He started his career in the early ‘oughts with some curly locks and a hat pulled down over his face for Sean Cody in a now infamous video called “Horse Hung“. He’s since grown up and now works hard on a daily basis enlarging his already gigantic cock.

Justin in 2003 (left) and 2011 (right) – photo courtesy of ‘The Sword’

He’s added about 3 and a half inches in the last couple of years and he now rivals the Guinness Book of Worlds Record holder, Jonah Falcon, for the largest penis on the planet. Jonah currently reigns at 13.5 inches. That would make Justin tied with Jonah and even surpassing him. On a good day, when he’s hard as a rock, Justin says he’s between 13.5 and 14 inches. He has the pics and the vids to prove it too. If you need a judge, Guinness, we volunteer our services to personally measure both Justin and Jonah with our own bare hands to crown a winner! If you’re interested in growing your cock or just curious about how he does it, you’ll have to go to his Flirt4Free page to ask him yourself.

Sit back, unbuckle your belt, and submerge yourself in Part 1 of a 2 part interview with Justin Master. Listen as he talks about his life, his dick, his career, and a lot more. He’s charming, he’s funny, he’s intelligent, and he’s sexy as fuck! Follow him on Twitter @JustinMasterCam to see what he’s up to on a regular basis with plenty of dick pics to go around. Enjoy the show!

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