Give That Man A Hand Job: NJ Governor Phil Murphy

New Jersy Governor Phil Murphy signs LGBT inclusive education bill in to law!

I\'m Cumming...

He didn’t start the bill, legislators drafted it, but he did sign it, so, he maybe he doesn’t deserve a full on blow job, but he did the right thing. So, here is our first “Give That Man A Hand Job!”

The new law will force schools to include LBGTQI-OBGYN-LMNOP’s contributions to society. It may not be much, but without us gays, the world probably wouldn’t have poppers, size 15 high heels, detachable shower douches, or fitness. “It’s important that kids in schools realize who gave them the very things that will allow them to enjoy anal sex without a mess while maintaining a nice buzz,” said Cranky Fag of HomoMania fame. “It’s about time we get our comeuppance,” he continued as he swatted away a fly and scowled at the sky.

Rock on, Gov. You deserve every stroke of it!