Twinks Run Out of Options During Sex, Settle on Board With Hole In It

MyDirtiestFantasies has a new scene featuring Aaron and Adam doing almost everything you can imagine in one single session. Take a nap first because this is going to be an epic, raunchy ride!

I\'m Cumming...

Master Aaron isn’t satisfied yet and continues abusing poor Adam’s ass. This time the master brings his slave, who is still in a straitjacket, to the lounger and ties him to it with his legs up and his ass wide open.

Stay just like that. I’m gonna run out the store real quick.

Aaron starts introducing a long red dildo inside Adam’s butt while he passes a pin wheel around his cock and balls. Now it’s time to make way for the humiliation and the master, helped with a anal clamp, he opens & pisses inside his slave’s ass.

What’s that echo? Does anyone else hear that?

Finally, Master Aaron brings his captive to a torture chair where keeping abusing his balls and cock with the pinwheel again. But it seems that Adam is enjoying this treatment because finally cums in his masters hands.

So I found this board with a hole in it and I thought “Ima stick my dick in dat der hole right now.”

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