Maxx Stoner Makes Josh Mikael His Hand Puppet

Alternadudes turns up the raunch dial with Maxx Stoner and sloppy hole, Josh Mikael.

I\'m Cumming...

Maxx Stoner and Josh Mikael are two horny dudes who just want things up their butts. They start off slowly with some passionate kissing and then work their way up to sucking cock.

I wonder if anyone thinks we’re Siamese Twins?

After taking turns in each other’s crotches, Josh decides to pop his raw cock into Maxx’s well-worn hole for some much needed skin on skin fucking. Maxx loves any cock in his ass and moans out at Josh gives him what he craves.

I can’t talk right now. I’ll call ya back later.

Now serving number 43

Josh has a little surprise for Maxx and pulls out a night stick to cram inside of Maxx. The shaggy hippie takes it like a champ and loves every inch as it plows in and out of his deep ass.

My stick is big but my heart is even larger.

snaking the pipes

Now it’s Maxx’s turn to give Josh a surprise. Maxx goes to finger the hairy stud when Josh’s gaping hole sucks in Maxx’s hand and arm almost elbow deep!


Losing a watch or getting one stolen?

Maxs fists the sloppy asshole in front of him, loving every moment until he makes Josh blast his load on the couch. That’s all Maxx needs to let loose and he explodes with a geyser of jizz all over Josh’s big bushy beard.


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