Maxx Gets a Throatful of Jace

Cumhungry cocksucker Maxx Stoner can’t get enough dick, but handsome hung Jace is here to provide a huge helping on this week’s CumPigMen update.

I\'m Cumming...

Maxx starts by smoothly slurping down the big mushroom head and first three inches of Jace’s rock-hard cock. Jace just stands and enjoys with head cocked back and eyes closed, but then takes a more active role. He grabs Maxx by the head and plows his dick in all the way to the root.

Who wouldn’t want that in their mouth?

So turned on that he begins slobbering thick strings of saliva that drip off the slick shaft, Maxx goes down all the way. He holds the massive cock in his mouth and down his throat while he grinds his face into Jace’s downy bush. Jace holds Maxx’s hair and drills in repeatedly, just an inch or so. His head is tickling Maxx’s tonsils, but the expert dick-swallower never shows any sign of gagging.

Down the hatch!

Fuck you. You can’t have this!

Maxx backs off only because he feels how close Jace is getting, and allows him to beat off the last minute to whip up a giant cumload. It erupts in a massive spurt all over Maxx’s face from eyebrows to chin. Maxx sucks out the last few creamy shots and smiles contentedly.

A happy ending

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