Man Snatched From Yard, Crucified With Rake Still In Hand

I’ll finish raking if it’s the last fucking thing I do!

Once again Adam is moved in the coffin, this time to more of a demonic looking area, we can only imagine the torture and suffering that might happen here.

I\'m Cumming...

Once strapped down to the torture chair, he’s whipped until his body is a nice pinkish colour, but the torment doesn’t stop there, they slap his body whilst touching his cock.

Drop the rake or we’ll whip you again!

Dominique and Alexis use two chairs to have their cocks at the same height as Adams face to be able to face-fuck him. Once they’ve both cum it’s time for Adam, they milk his cock and make him cum, before untying him, moving him back over to the coffin, pissing on him, and closing back the coffin to return him back to the van.

Jesus was THIS hung!

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