Raunchy Teen Boy Fucked & Felched By Pervy Dude & Young Accomplice

From our pal Clay from RaunchyBastards:

I\'m Cumming...

Trevor Hardman and I have been on a roll lately. He’s become one of my favorite tag team partners with all these voracious teenagers. Why? Because he has a rock hard cock, and because despite his interest in the fairer sex, he seems to me to be turned on by almost anything.

So, Anthony Pear is the lucky bottom here, and Trevor and I had both spent some time with him, and the three of us all got along well. Since Toby was over visiting, we decided to record this threeway.

After some great threesome dick sucking, Anthony was ready for a pound-down. Trevor went first, and began fucking Anthony while Anthony sucked my cock. Anthony is a great cocksucker, so I could have ended it right there, but I wanted to be fair to Trevor, so I stood up and shoved my dick in his mouth while he was banging Anthony.

Well, the combination of Anthony’s hole and me shoving my fattie into his mouth pretty much made him nut instantly. He came inside of Anthony’s hole, and I felched it out. I knew that despite just having jizzed, Trevor could keep going. And that we did.

Anthony continued to get a good fucking from us both in various positions until we had just about worn out his hole. The spit-roasting in particular was great, since Trevor and I just kept trading places, alternating between Anthony’s ass and mouth.

Then, there was another round of cumshots to finish off the scene. I came in Anthony’s mouth, and he swallowed my load. Trevor came again, too. Hot stuff for sure!