Doing The Roommate’s Girl!

James Riker walks in on his new girlfriend, Andre, fooling around with his roommate Sal!

Instead of getting mad, he thinks about it for a minute and asks, “Do you guys want to do a three way?”

Sal and James take turns making out with Andre, sizing each other up as they strip off their shirts. The action really starts when James’s pants come down releasing his enormous uncut meat!

Sal plays with himself as he watches that cock swell up to it’s full potential. Andre sucks that fattie deep, slobbering all over James’s crotch before moving up to kiss Sal with the taste of James’s cock on her lips!

The boys get their cocks sucked, first James, then Sal, then back to James.

As Andre sucks Sal’s dick, James presses her feet together and slides his huge cock between the soles. He lubes up the soles of her feet and Andre jerks his cock with her feet!

James cums first, thick gobs of jizz pouring out from that fat, fat uncut cock!

Andre turns her attention to Sal, deep throating his cock until he lets loose with his own seemingly endless ropes of white goo!

So caught up in getting Sal off they don’t notice that James has left the room, presumably freaked out about having the three way that he suggested!