Boy Sniff’s Dad’s Undies, Gets Punish Fucked

Living with a lazy stepson is a drag for sports-mad Owen Powers, and when he comes home from a run to find the blond layabout still in the same position on the sofa with mess surrounding him.

Owen loses it and tells the young lad to shape up, clean the room and, as he strips off his sweaty shirt, wash his clothes whilst he heads for a shower. As the wet fabric hits Kamyk Walker’s face, the boy can’t help but take a deep sniff.  He’s been watching porn all morning, getting himself turned on, and the feel of his hot step-dads sweat soaking onto his face, well, what’s a boy to do?

Smells Like Danny Spirit

Smells Like Daddy Spirit

Taking deep breaths in, the taste, smell and feel of the salty material seeps into his juicy red lips. Caught out as Owen returns for more berating, the sight of the horny boy within his grasp is the perfect opportunity to enact some full control.

Sentless Apprentice

Sentless Apprentice

It beats the shower jerk-off he had planned too! Maneuvering himself over the skinny smooth boy, it’s time for Kamyk to taste the real thing as Owen fucks him hard, deep and teaches him a lesson in doing as he’s told!

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Drain You

Drain You!