Brony Takes a Unicorn Horn Up The Butt

Taking one for the team

Tune in and check out this Alternadudes update. It’s bizarre and sexy and kind of wrong all at the same time! You won’t know whether to laugh, cry, shit your pants, or jack off.

Dashie starts out slow in his Brony gear and slowly progresses to the point where he’s buck naked. He whips out his big, smooth cock and plays with his giant shaved sack until he’s rock hard and ready for more. He’s not just satisfied with his hand, so he hops on his stuffed unicorn and humps away. His cute little ass goes to town on his favorite toy before he pulls out a pink vibrator and slides it into his tight ass.


He plunges it in and out and the closer Dashie gets to cumming, the more rigid his body becomes. As his toes curl and his eyes roll to the back of his head, Dashie lets loose with a massive load to the unicorn’s eye. His vibrator flies out of his hole and flops around on the ground and without any notice to the racket by his feet, Dashie lights three cigarettes and graciously shares them with his play buddies. This is one satisfied threesome!

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