Homo Fotos: I Wasn’t Born Gay – Dirty Gay Jokes!

Dirty Gay Jokes

Dirty Gay Jokes- I Wasn’t Born Gay

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Gay Jokes Fun Facts:

So, the joke here, see, is based on the idea that homosexuals suck on penises (among other things).  The second idea relevant to making the joke work is the idea that people are born gay (or not as the case may be).  Putting these two concepts together in the correct order creates a mildly controversial set up, “I wasn’t born gay.” This challenges the reader who believes that we are born with our sexuality innate. Now we all know there are still folks out there who either flat out refuse to believe this, or, want to consider environmental factors when it comes to sexuality and it’s expression.

Back to the gay joke on hand.  Now that the reader is paying attention with, “I wasn’t born gay,” bringing whatever belief they hold about the origin of sexuality to the forefront of their minds, it’s time to make the twist.

This is a good place to mention the importance of the initial “No?” that immediately follows the first part of the gay joke – “I wasn’t born gay.”  The “No?” confirms for the reader that their peaked interested is legitimate and reinforces their feeling of being part of a like minded group.

The Punchline!

Now that the initial attention grabbing “I wasn’t born gay” lead has been followed by the “No?” acting as the bridge to the punchline, it’s time to, well, get to the punchline!   “I was sucked into it!” as stated earlier, plays into the perception that gay guys suck cock.  Not all do, actually, but that’s another article.  In this instance, there is the added dimension of referencing the now outdated stereotype that homosexuals ‘recruit’ others to be gay.  So saying, “I was sucked into it!” invokes the double entendre of being recruited and the sexual reference to oral sex, also known as fellatio. Which according to Merriam-Webster is defined as: the act of stimulating a man’s penis with the mouth for sexual pleasure.

There it is, now you know why this Homo Foto gay joke pic is so funny!