First Time at Peepland

xxHere’s another one of Maxx Stoner‘s amazing adventures for Cum Dump Confessions, written and illustrated completely by him. Enjoy the fun adventure and be sure to check out his twitter and his website for more shenanigans.

I don’t usually do anything special for my birthdays, not even a cake. But this year, I decided I was going to get gang banged – no reciprocation, just used by cock . A muscle daddy I knew from Scruff told me about this adult bookstore called Peepland. For a couple bucks and porn rental, you can go into a stall and have as much sex as you want. The guy messaged me that he wanted my ass fucked by as many guys as possible. My dick got instantly hard thinking about all those men using me as a cum dump. We agreed to meet there at midnight.

You have to pay $1 to enter the store, and another to enter the arcade. He messaged me he was in booth #6. I saw a few other guys cruising the hallway and standing in the doorways as I made my way to his stall. He wasted no time and whipped his soft cock out for me to suck. I dropped to my knees and eagerly devoured his cock. I took a deep hit of poppers as he lubed up his cock and aimed for my hole.

His thick cock head stretched out my asshole as he shoved it in balls deep and began to use my ass. My tight hole ached on his thick muscle daddy cock as he made room for his manhood inside me. The rush of poppers began to wash over me and my ass opened up for him. All of a sudden, I was thrusting my ass backwards to meet his cock. I begged him to fuck me harder. I braced myself against the wall as he mercilessly pounded my ass. I peeked out the doorway and saw two guys watching. The tall, black guy entered the booth and I massaged his cock through his pants. He pulled his shorts down and shoved my face into his crotch. I took his dick in my mouth and began to suck him off while the muscle daddy continued to use my ass.

I was getting fucked from both ends – I loved feeling both cocks thrusted completely inside me at the same time. They switched places and the black guy started fucking me hard and fast. He enjoyed making me moan and squirm on his big, thick cock. And soon he was pumping his load into my ass. I could feel him flooding my insides with a massive load of cum. He quickly pulled out after finishing and watched me continue to get fucked as he left. My friend’s dick was churning the fresh load in me as he fucked me harder and harder. I could feel his thick daddy cock stiffening even more and he got closer to cumming. The feeling of all that cum around his cock lubing his thrusts, and pushing that strangers load deeper into my ass was too much. I felt his rock hard cock explode inside me and fill me up with more cum. His cock was still hard after he came and he started round two on my hole.

A Mexican guy came into the booth and quickly whipped out his uncut cock for me to suck. I love long, natural foreskin. I sucked him until he was hard and turned me around. Much to my dismay I heard him open a condom. I felt an uncomfortable plastic nub penetrating my ass. I took a hit of poppers to take the edge off as he fucked my ass. He pulled out and made me suck his cock again before leaving the booth. Another Latino guy came in and took out his cock for me to suck. Once he got hard, he positioned himself behind me and shoved his cock in all the way. The previous loads provided great lube as his cock glided deeper and deeper into my ass, pushing their loads in further. My sloppy ass massaged his cock as he fucked me harder. It didn’t take long before I felt his cock harden and deposit another hot load deep in my ass.

I tried to squeeze my asshole shut as his cock pulled out to keep his load from seeping out. My ass was starting to slosh around with cum now. After watching my ass get loaded up by another stranger and take my third load of the night, my friend shoved his hard cock back inside me. God, I love riding his hard cock. He likes to fuck hard, and for a long time. He broke in my ass with his cock and I was now irresistibly drawn to his cock.

He fucked me all over the room in different positions. My comfort was not necessary, only the right angle to take his cock. I took hits of poppers while enjoying his deep, rhythmic fucking. His cock pushed past my second hole and massaged my prostate. I felt waves of orgasm emanating from my ass as he steadily pounded me. He wanted someone to watch him shoot his second load in me.
The latino guy from earlier who wore a condom came back to watch me get used by my hot muscle daddy friend. He fucked me even harder, shoving his cock in as deeply as he could to deliver his second cum load of the night in my ass. I could feel his cum shoot through my already cum filled ass, making it my fourth load of the night. We embraced each other as his cock softened in my ass before he went home. After my friend left, the latino guy sat on the chair and motioned me to suck him. I quickly obeyed and got him hard with my mouth. I told him I wanted his cum. He asked me where, and I said “In my ass.” Horniness must have taken over because when I turned around and presented my hole for him to use, he lowered me onto his bare cock. I quickly sat on his entire length and he began to thrust into me.

His hard uncut cock felt amazing in my cum-filled ass. I begged him to add another one. He shot a very large load in my ass. I could feel his hot cum squirting inside me. I love that hot burn of fresh cum on my insides, there’s nothing better. I guess that’s why I am a cum dump whore, LOL. When he pulled his cock out, I felt some cum escape my gaping hole. I quickly forced my sphincter shut to keep the rest inside.

I love keeping cum in me long as possible. My ass felt full as I reached down to my well-fucked hole and scooped up some cum to eat. By this time, the action had died down a lot and it was getting late. I had to be a work later in the day. I decided to head over to my favorite pot shop in town – Acres, which was only a few buildings down from Peepland. The store was empty. There was one couple ahead of me, and no one else waiting at 1:30 am on a Wednesday.

My ass was really aching from the pounding it just received. I tried to act casual as my ass throbbed. I was called up to the counter and I asked for the Blue Dream. He didn’t find any up front, so he headed to the back to check. As I waited, I reached into my pants and began to massage my aching asshole. I slipped a finger in and felt the fresh cum loads inside. I pulled it out and sucked my finger clean. I ended up getting another strain and we got to talking about weed, something I really enjoy. He said he was a big time grower and that got me a little hard, and I found myself flirting with him. We talked for a good 15 minutes before another customer came in. I left the store, and as I drove down the 515 at 1:45 am, I thought back on all the hot sex I just had, and the five loads of cum in me. What a way to spend a night, Happy Birthday Maxx.