HungYoungBrit Fined £1,000, Is Apparently ‘Humiliated’ On Social Media

UPDATE: HungYoungBrit sentenced to 18 month of community service, £1,000 fine.

George Mason, HungYoungBrit’s real name, was convicted back in January of ‘Outraging Public Decency’ whatever that means.  In this case it meant having anal sex on the London Underground in front of unwitting civilians.  The scene is pretty hot, you can see it below.

The judge oddly commented that  “This is a lesson to both of you. You have been humiliated in the court of social media.”

Umm, these guys are well known – at least to us – as full on butt fucking porn performers on social media.  How does being sentenced to a fine £1,000 amount to humiliation?  Maybe she meant the community service part?  Is cleaning up a park really that bad? They’ve probably shot a scene in the park.  Judges are stupid.   See Original Post

I\'m Cumming...


Original Post From January 14, 2019:

GUILTY – Subway Sex & Outraging Public Decency: HungYoungBrit

One of our favorites, HungYoungBrit, plead guilty to ‘outraging public decency.’ Which, apparently, is actually a thing. So much of a thing that it can be punished by “unlimited imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.”  THAT should be the outrage of public decency!

HungYoungBrit, real name George Mason, recorded himself, his boyfriend, and another guy jerking off, sucking and fucking each other on the London Underground according to PinkNews.  It was on the Northern Line between Leicester Square and London Waterloo – in case you are hoping to catch them in the act again.

To prove that this wasn’t an anti-gay thing, the prosecutor felt compelled to point out the porn shoot was reported by “a man who was also gay who thought the video … was morally unacceptable.”  Ratted out by a Prudish snitch! The fuck.

Hungyoungbrit London Underground

Hungyoungbrit London Underground

The police haven’t been able to ID the third man because Hungyoungbrit pixilated the man’s face.  So at least we know George Mason doesn’t grass on his mates!

A People Pleaser

A People Pleaser

The truly shocking thing about this case is that George Mason is 35 years old!  Lend your support for public sex and outraging public decency by visiting today! Sentencing is scheduled for February 1st.

Hungyoungbrit recently appeared in a BBC documentary about Gay Porn: