Nothing Says ‘I Love You, Honey’ More Than a BJ By The Fire!

I\'m Cumming...
It’s a cozy day by the CumPigMen fireplace, and David Ace is heating things up further with a smoldering bj for sexy William Crown. Down on his knees on a plush rug, he can take the time and energy to make this suck as deep and sensuous as he wants. Nursing on hung William’s thick straight rod, David runs his hands along his top’s slightly furry chest and belly, savors the manly musk that radiates from his dick and balls.

David sucks!

As William stretches across the lounge, David slowly sucks on each nut, then holds his sack while he licks from head to root, wagging his butt in appreciation. He pauses to glance up into William’s eyes for a sign of approval, and likes what he sees. Using hand and moth to crank the sensuality up to 11, David begins nursing with a new speed and fervor. The rhythmic flexing and relaxing from William’s thighs and abs tells him that a massive sperm shot is on its way up and out.

Gimme gimme!

Suckin’ on hairy nuts!

William wrestles his cock out of David’s ravenous mouth to give it a few final strokes before a sticky stream starts spurting and dripping down his shaft. David gets it back in his hands and mouth to gobble down every hot drip, works his way up to give him a spermy kiss as they settle in for a snuggle by the fire.

hairy goodness

Good old fashioned fun!

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