“Playing with Bears” Part 1, By Maxx Stoner

Editor’s note: Maxx Stoner does all of his own artwork to go along with his true life stories of getting banged.

I had the house to myself, so I was determined to make use of it on my day off and collect as many loads as possible. I got on Scruff, and after a couple hours of cruising I got a guy to come over and fuck me. He was an older, hairy white guy with a good-sized cock. When he walked through the door, he undid his belt and asked me to suck on his balls.

I licked and massaged his hairy nut sack while I jerked his semi-hard cock to life. His cock was musty, and I found myself inexorable drawn to his scent. I moved my tongue up and down his shaft feeling the blood rushing in. He came close to cumming in my mouth when I asked him to fuck me. I bent over the couch and presented my smooth hole for him. He shoved his hard cock in me and began pounding my hole.

Everything was good until I noticed his cock was getting softer and softer in my ass. Soon, his limp cock slipped out of my ass and he apologized. He said he took a few hits of pot before coming over and was feeling anxious. He asked me if I ever had that side-effect, I said no. With my head now hanging over the couch, he dragged his balls and cock across my face, teasing me. I took his cock head into my mouth and suckled on it before he left.

He grabbed his clothes and headed out the door. I sat on the couch disappointed that I did not get a cum load in me. I got back on Scruff and quickly found another bear to finish the job. I told him that I would be waiting in my living room ass up, with the door unlocked. I wanted him to walk in, finger fuck my ass, then shove his cock in me until he unloaded inside.

I got his message that he arrived, so I readied myself in the living room. I heard the door open and a man walk in. I felt his hand on my bare ass as he inspected my hole, then he slipped in his finger. He didn’t use lube and started aggressively playing with my hungry hole. He poked and stretched my horny ass with his fingers until lubing up his cock and pushing into my ass.

He sunk into me balls deep and I reached underneath myself to play with his balls while he fucked me. He really enjoyed me caressing them and soon I could feel his nuts pulling in, signaling he was close. I placed my fingers on his shaft and massaged his cock while he fucked me more. I felt his cock begin to pulsate with orgasmic spasms as he released his load into my waiting ass.

I loved feeling each pump of his cock with my hand as he flooded me with a huge load. My ass began to feel full of cum when I felt the last spasm deposit cum into me. He stayed in there for a minute, enjoying the warm of my ass wrapped around his spent cock. I felt great receiving a massive cum load finally. After he left, I took a nap, propping my ass up so that his load would go deeper inside me and not leak out.


Stay tuned for Part Two of “Playing With Bears”!