“Playing with Bears” Part 2, By Maxx Stoner

Editor’s note: Maxx Stoner does all of his own artwork to go along with his true life stories of getting banged.

“Playing with Bears” Part 2

Later around midnight, I made my way to Hawk’s Gym to check out the Saturday night scene. The parking lot wasn’t too full, so I was doubtful. I headed to my room, stripped my clothes off, and made my way to the steam room. The night was a bust in terms of hot, fuckable guys – lots of old, fat men with tiny cocks roaming around.

I was kinda pissed I spent so much money on a room with no real prospects, so I resigned myself to just enjoying the facilities. Dodging weird, fat guys, I made my way to back room. I saw a guy getting a blowjob with a few others standing around watching. I made eye contact with a short bear standing nearby. He motioned me to meet him in one of the booths.

He locked the door and presented his cock for me to service. I wasted no time in making him hard. He asked me where I wanted his cum, I said my ass. I grabbed his hard cock and guided it towards my hole while I took a hit of poppers. He fucked me wildly as I reached down and played his cock and balls while he fucked; guys really like this I discovered.

I felt his balls tighten against his body as he was about to shoot. I grabbed the back of his legs and guided his cock deeper into my ass as he unloaded his cum load inside me. I enjoyed every drop of cum he pumped into me. And when his cock pulled out, I dropped to my knees and cleaned his cock off like a good cocksucker. He then grabbed his towel and left the booth.

Walking around the backroom again, I came across a very hairy silver daddy stroking his cock. I can’t resist hairy guys, so I slowly made my way to him. I reached out and grabbed his rock hard cock and started jerking him off. I whispered in his ear to come back to my room. When we entered, I rubbed his hairy chest and bulging pecs, enjoying his hot dad bod.

He rubbed his rock hard cock against me and I told him to fuck me. He said not without a condom, and I wasn’t in the mood to have my ass torn up by plastic. Another strike out. “What the fuck was up with today?” I thought. He began to finger fucked my ass while stroking my cock. I almost came, but I pulled back.

He said he needed a break and I was relieved, I knew nothing was going to happen. I walked around Hawks for a bit before coming across this very tall bald guy. Something about him told me he had a big cock, but I couldn’t tell from his towel. I made eye contact with him and smiled. He didn’t move, so I slowly approached him. I reached out and grabbed his cock through his towel. Yes, he was a big boy. My big-dick-dar is never off, HEHE.

He motioned to join him in a nearby booth. He dropped his towel and I rubbed his hairy, soft cock. He grew and grew into a thick, 8 inch monster. I worshipped his large manhood eagerly, trying my best to make him cum. I felt his cock get stiffer and stiffer. I really wished that he would fuck me, but said he was only looking for head. I took my sexual frustration out of his hard cock.

His dick was a two-hander, I sucked on his cock head while massaging his shaft with tons of spit. He couldn’t hold back anymore as he told me he was going to cum. I readied my mouth to accept his hot man seed. He pumped thick creamy shots into my mouth as I stood there still, waiting patiently for him to finish. When I felt his huge cock stop spasming, I savored his big load before swallowing it all.

When I pulled off his still-hard cock, a huge drop of cum oozed out. I couldn’t let it go to waste, so I quickly licked it up. I very gently squeezed his cock of every last drop of cum before rubbing my face all over his crotch and kissing his manhood. I had been on down on my knees a long time, and the hard, concrete floors didn’t help.