Shut The Fuck Up You Annoying Hole

I\'m Cumming...

This week on DudesRaw, traveling Chicago cumhunter Timothy Pink arrives in LA and superhot daddy Christian Matthews is thrilled to get first crack and that hungry, talented hole. Timothy works up Christian’s enthusiasm with a quick, juicy suck session, watching his cock rise to the occasion till it’s ready to plow in and get to work.

I’m not creepy, he just wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

As Christian’s pierced scrotum ring is bobbing and Tim is getting a faceful, he gives Timothy just the kind of bossy talk he needs. “Are you my slut? Wanna be my cumdump?” and Timothy is quick to agree. Christian pummels his hole from behind, taking a firm hold on his hungry bottom’s skull to keep him in place. Muffled moans from the pillow assure us how much Timothy loves the tough treatment.


I’ll taste yours if you taste mine

Christian’s balls slap hard against Timothy’s fuzzy ass crack and keep both sex-driven studs happy. As Christian drills in like a madman, he digs him fingers into Timothy’s mouth and holds him in place by the jaw. As he roughly rolls him over and pumps his dick in in missionary, Timothy gladly pins back his legs to let his ass get the deep fuck he craves.

Where’s my hat?

Jizz in the hole!

“Yeh, yeh, fucking cum in me!” he begs. It’s the one order that Christian’s willing to take from this passive bottom cumslut. Check out DudesRaw for the whole fucking thing!