Sloppy Seconds – Lee Barstow And Ty Frost Fuck Alexis On The Floor

Lee Barstow and Ty Frost are best of buds who look like brothers. They’re hangin’ with Alexis, a new chick that neither of them has banged before. Lee is being cocky and tries to ask why Alexis thinks she’s got what it takes to take them both on. Alexis can hold her own and challenges Lee to come up with a game plan. Lee stands up and tells Alexis to get more comfortable as he starts taking off his own clothes. Ty takes no coaxing whatsoever before he joins Lee in getting naked.

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Pure animal instincts take over and Ty is the first to stick his dick in Alexis’ face. She gets on her knees to service the cute little sidekick and much like a sports car, gets him from zero to hard in under 60 seconds. Lee gets behind Alexis and fingers her pussy as she continues to suck his buddy’s nice thick dick. Lee needs some attention too and Alexis turns her skills to his cock so as not to leave him feeling left out of the mix. Lee’s big balls dangle in their sack as Alexis works his big veiny shaft. When he’s good and hard, she bends over and Lee sticks it to her doggy style. She takes every inch of Lee’s big thick rod and never loses sight of her job with Ty as she gets cock in both her pussy and her face. Lee’s huge nuts swings back and forth, slapping against Alexis’ ass as he plows her wet hole balls deep.

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The boys tag team Alexis and switch it up so Ty can take some sloppy seconds. He takes his rightful place behind Alexis and shoves his dick inside the same hole that his buddy has warmed and juiced up only seconds before him. After Ty has tried his hand at keeping Alexis wet and ready, Lee gets back in the saddle for a second round of banging the living fuck out of Alexis.

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There are a few awkward moments when Lee thinks he catches Ty stealing glimpses up his ass and another when Lee admits he likes watching his buddy fucking. Each awkward moment makes them giggle and then quickly vie for the attention of the chick in front of them. Alexis alternates giving the boys blowjobs while the other watches, cock in hand, until they end up jerking off next to each other.

Lee is the first to blow his load. He walks up to Alexis and oozes his warm jizz into her mouth as he squeezes every last drop out of his thick throbbing shaft. Ty asks if they have room for one more and he gently pushes Lee out of the way to drop his own load in Alexis’ face. She opens wide and his creamy load rolls out onto her tongue as he throws back his head and groans through his ecstasy. Ty looks down to analyze the jizz he spilled onto his hand and almost looks as if he’s contemplating eating the leftovers. He gives a quick glance to the camera, decides against the taste test, and closes his eyes to give a final sigh of pure relief and satisfaction.