The biggest PeterFever production ever is The Deuce!

This is the biggest PeterFever production ever featuring Jessie Lee as the Grandmaster Pimp China Gold and Silky Dick (FX Rios) as his partner in pimpin,’ and Alex Chu, David Ace and newcomer Bandit (Ari Nucci) as the hustlers.

The Deuce - CHINA GOLD

The Deuce – CHINA GOLD

Based in the 1970’s and inspired by the HBO James Franco drama The Deuce! Peter Fever explores what it would be like to hustle for cash if the same rules applied for men as they did for women.

I\'m Cumming...

The movie starts with David and Alex hopping off the train in search of China Gold. They run into a seasoned prostitute, Bandit, who leads them to the pimps. To become a part of their new adult talent agency, the guys need to get trained in the art of hustling. Bandit and Silky Dick are doing the hard training. Will David and Alex make enough money to please their pimps and profit from their work in pornography? Or will they need to take matters into their own hands or possibly asses? With mind blowing hot sex and a fun story, this series brings us back to the 70’s when porn was as sexy as it was entertaining.

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Koloff As Stanley Schneider!

The Deuce

Danny Zeeman As The John

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