Troy & Dustin Spit Roast – Troy Gets His Huge Meat Sucked!

After a late night clubbing in NYC Troy and Dustin are getting ready to rub one out to some porn on the TV but ReVay has other ideas!

Taking both boys on together, Troy makes out with her while Dustin sucks on her nipples. Troy gets his HUGE meat sucked. Dustin sits next to them his own stiff pecker out sticking out of the zipper of his pants. He jerks off watching Troy get his blowjob. His turn comes next, you can see his young face light up when his dick goes in her mouth!

They stand up to continue getting head, alternating getting their dicks sucked together!

Both boys get naked and Troy takes ReVay from behind. Dustin grabs hold of her tits as Troy thrusts inside her.

“Hey, give me a turn,” Dustin demands, his cock throbbing and aching for a chance to fuck!

They move into a spit roast position and high-five as young Dustin fucks her hard, the sweat pouring off all three of their bodies!