Trump Delegate Calls Police On Incontinent Black Woman

The president of the Illinois Log Closet Republicans, Morry Matson, who moonlights as a CVS manager, refused service to Camilla Hudson, a woman of color.

Camilla was attempting to use a coupon for ‘Any Disposable Incontinence Product.’ However, it remains unclear if she was looking for a brief, a shield, or a bladder control pad.

Discount Wee Wee Pads!

Free Wee Wee Pads.

Do not print this out and try to use it.  That would be fraudulent.

In response, Camilla managed to scare the bejesus out Morry, a wannabe City Council member, by video recording his 911 call to the police.  From the way Morry is shaking in the video, it would appear he is the one who needs the bladder control pad!

While it is unclear if Morry’s distrust of Camilla had to do with race, considering he runs the Illinois Gay Republican club – AND was a delegate for Donald Trump’s unfortunately successful presidential campaign – we’re going to side with Camilla.

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